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The ABC Act before US Congress

on 6/6/20, 4:14 AM 162 views

The ABC Act before US Congress;

Finance with neither debt nor tax

An Act is now before the US Congress to fund an initial $2 trillion in pandemic relief which will not add to either debt or taxation. It will fund a debit card for everyone of $2,000 per month. Its technique is something like a digital adaption of President Lincoln’s greenbacks. Congressional power to mint coins is used to issue an initial two $1 trillion coins which the Reserve Bank will buy to fund the programme.

Press releases, articles and a video examining the proposal and the Act itself are in the links below.

Press release from the Act’s proposers https://tlaib.house.gov/media/press-releases/tlaib-jayapal-introduce-groundbreaking-bill-deliver-universal-recurring

The ABC Bill itself https://tlaib.house.gov/sites/tlaib.house.gov/files/ABCAct.pdf  

https://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonbrett/2020/04/16/automatic-boost-to-communities-act-introduced-in-congress-that-includes-digital-dollar-by-2021/#39b403225130 Press article


A radio.com release https://wwjnewsradio.radio.com/articles/news/tlaib-introduces-bill-to-give-americans-recurring-payments

A video on the proposal  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5bfWAMQNNs

An article comparing the ABC Bill to an early 20th Century proposal with similarities: https://www.socred.org/s-c-action/social-credit-views/from-the-proposed-abc-act-to-full-fledged-douglas-social-credit

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